OEM BMW E46 M3 CSL Trunk Lid #41007895884

from 1,219.95

This is a Genuine OEM BMW E46 M3 CSL Trunk direct from Germany. These trunks come primered and without any hardware. An optional hardware kit is available for those who do not wish to search for the kits. Brand new BMW Roundels, Emblems and Grommets are also available. Complete parts list is listed below.

51497896451 CSL Trunk Carpet x 1

63267165646 License Plate Lights x 2

51147893655 M3 Emblem x 1

51147897398 CSL Emblem x 1

51148219237 Roundel x 1

51148209932 Roundel Grommets x 2

61131378149 Pin Terminal x 2

61130007449 Pin-Contact x 4

61130006664 Pin-Contact x 2

61136931929 Pin Terminal x 1

51248223104 Lock Gasket x 1

46632347012 License Plate Holder Grommet x 2

OEM BMW Trunk Lid Installation Kit:
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