AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Fiber Cover - Apple iPhone X - Matte Finish

40.50 45.00

This is the AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Fiber Matte Finish phone case made specifically for all Apple iPhone X models. These iPhone cases are precisely made utilizing a vacuuming forming process, resulting in 100% genuine 2x2 Twill Weave Dry Carbon Fiber, finished off with a Matte clear coat. Because these are made specifically for Apple iPhone X models, fitment is guaranteed to be impeccable.


  • Secure clip-on design protects back & edges while enhancing the overall appearance with real carbon fiber weave.
  • Full access to iPhone screen, buttons, camera, charging & syncing functions.
  • Matte carbon fiber finish grips in your hand, yet slides easily into your pocket.
  • Fully finished with a soft textured coating to protect your phone inside and out.
  • Made from 100% genuine carbon fiber material.
  • UV resistant matte clear-coat feature prevents discoloration of the case under sunlight.

NOTE: This case may be sensitive to certain substances, and is prone to dust and oils. Just like a car, you can help to reduce these by keeping the case clean.

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