AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Fiber Dual Air Ducts - Nissan Z34 370z

180.00 200.00

This is a set of brand new dual carbon fiber air ducts for the Nissan 370Z. It fits all 2010 and Up year model 370Zs. They are functional pieces that directs cold air flow directly to the individual intake boxes. The carbon fiber will also accentuate the front end look of your 370Z; providing a more menacing look compared to the bland OEM bumper.Cutting the bumper is required to install these air ducts. Since production numerous installations have been done without any problems, therefore fitment is guaranteed. These dual air ducts will definitely make your 370Z stand out from the rest by giving it a more aggressive look.

Installation is easy, with proper tools, it should take no longer than 30 minutes. A free cutting template and 3M mounting double sided tape will be included with the package. Please note that cutting your bumper is required for mounting these air ducts.

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